Community Resource Center is an Asian American collaborative based in the American South and specializes in community-centered research and consulting. 



Our mission is to equip and empower the community to seek equitable solutions to social problems by providing quality research, consultation, education, and policy advocacy. 


We believe in the agency and dignity of community members and strive to enhance various resources for necessary social changes on their terms. We believe all knowledge originates in the specific local context and that all equitable and just policies are inherently for the community.


Our specialization lies in providing customized consulting services to national and local research institutions, nonprofit executives, business owners, HR directors, and project managers on community-centered knowledge creation, cultural competency, and organizational processes such as grant management, efficient service delivery, federal compliance, leadership development, increase community impact, and other management-related needs.


Jung Ha Kim, Ph.D.

Co-founder & Director of Research

Jung Ha Kim is a life-long learner and educator. Her teaching, publishing and mentoring records point to her commitment for uplifting both local knowledge and scholarly pursuits.  And her active involvement and leadership in the nonprofit sector includes serving on numerous boards, co-founding a few nonprofit organizations and leading them as CEO and President.  She is the founding director of Asian American Research Institute at CPACS and recipient of many recognitions and awards, including the United Way, Who’s Who in Asian American Communities, the Undergraduate Director Award in the Arts and Sciences College at GSU, and the 25 Most Influential Asian Americans in GA 2022. Her research projects were funded by a variety of foundations and institutions, including, the Division of Aging Services of the Department of Human Services, the Louisville Institute, the United Methodist Church denomination, the Lily Endowment, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Asian American Justice Center.

Alnory Gutlay

Co-founder & Consultant

Alnory Gutlay is a skilled project manager and grant writer focused on improving community health. She is an expert in outreach and engagement, program design and implementation, and federal grant management. Alnory honed her skills while spearheading community health initiatives focused on providing culturally specific services to diverse, immigrant and refugee communities at one of the largest community-based organizations in Atlanta. Her community health strategies are culturally sensitive, evidence-based, and prioritize equitable outcomes.